Product Care

Product Care

Product Care

General tips to ensure you get the most life out of your clothing. 

Clothing experiences wear and tear over time. However, there are key steps you can take in caring for your clothing that can extend its life and appearance. Here’s all my secrets: 


The more you wash an item of clothing, the more wear it takes. Therefore, only wash items when needed. Sounds gross - but if you can, wear it again without washing it.  

Always be sure that all zippers are closed, strings are tied, buttons are buttoned, etc. so there aren’t any openings that should be closed. 

Turn denim and any other items that may be damaged (screen-printed/graphic tees, ruffles, lace, shirts with pockets, etc. ) inside out to reduce scratching. 

Separate like colors. "All whites” are a separate load for me. They actually do stay brighter if you don’t throw in the light grays, blush tones, etc. 


I hang-dry almost all of my laundry. If you do dry your clothing, always tumble dry on low heat. This reduces shrinking and heat damage to the items. 

NEVER DRY: linen, spandex, lace, acrylic, suede, leather, faux leather, or cotton (if you like the way it fits you)   


After hanging most of my items to dry, they are almost always wrinkled. Use a steamer, not an iron! 

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